Taiwan Restaurant Bombarded With 1,000 Cockroaches Due to Alleged Financial Dispute With Criminal Ring

A restaurant in Taiwan was victim to a cockroach attack due to an alleged financial dispute with a notorious organized crime syndicate, Bamboo Union.

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A restaurant in Taiwan was victim to a cockroach attack Monday night, allegedly due to a dispute with an organized crime syndicate.

Newsweek reports that a pair of men went into the restaurant and tossed more than 1,000 cockroaches into G House Taipei, while the establishment was also hosting a dinner with police. The police dinner included Taipei Police Commissioner Chen Jia-chang, and a total of 700 guests. 

Roach attack -- police are investigating two men who reportedly released over 1000 cockroaches in a restaurant where the police chiefs of Taipei and New Taipei cities were attending a dinner party last night.

(video source: Taipei police department) pic.twitter.com/r2yMtf4JJD

— Amber Wang (@ambermywang) May 4, 2021

It appears the owner of G House and the criminal ring Bamboo Union have been at odds due to the syndicate being owed money. Chen said that no evidence has surfaced that leads him to believe law enforcement was targeted.

The incident happened just before 7:30 p.m. on Monday, when the suspects released the small cockroaches on the second floor. Backup got to the scene three minutes later, but the suspects had already escaped. Surveillance indicates there were four men and one woman involved. Two had gone into the restaurant to dump the roaches, two were lookouts, and one was the driver.

The restaurant has since been closed for cleaning. G House shared photos and video of inspectors spraying the restaurant.

Bamboo Union is a Taiwanese triad known for being involved in drug and human trafficking.

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