NYPD Receiving Backlash for Viral Video of Officers Using Robot Dog

A clip of the NYPD's new DigiDog has gone viral, leading many to call out the city's police for unnecessarily spending thousands on the robot.


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A video of a robot dog exiting a building in New York has gone viral, with many comparing it to iRobot, The Terminator, RoboCop, and Black Mirror.

Called the Digidog, the 70-pound machine was first utilized by the NYPD at the end of last year and has been deployed in different scenarios, including resolving a hostage situation and an incident involving a gunman, according to Gothamist.

In the clip, you can hear the person taking the video saying, “I never seen nothing like this before in my life. Do you see this?” as the dog walks out of a building on East 28th Street alongside two NYPD officers.

The remote-controlled dog was created by robotics company Boston Dynamics and is sold at a starting price of $74,000. It comes designed with lights, sensors, a camera, and is capable of two-way communication so officers can talk to possible suspects or victims. It can also run around three and a half miles per hour and climb stairs. Over the last few years, Boston Dynamics has become known for its cutting-edge robot technology.

A spokesperson told Gothamist the Digidog was on standby during a domestic disturbance. Police persuaded a man to let a mother and a baby exit a room after allegedly barricading himself with them. He was later charged with weapons possession.

Take a look at some reactions to the Digidog below.


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