‘Who TF Did I Marry’ Part Two: Bride Looks Horrified by Groom Wearing Apple Pro Vision at Wedding

Apple launched its new mixed reality headset earlier this month to much fanfare.


Apple’s newest toy is the Vision Pro—and while some love it (like T-Pain), others aren’t huge fans.

Case in point: a Utah bride wasn’t thrilled when her groom donned the gadget after their ceremony. SFGate reports that, on Feb. 10, Jacob Wright, who’s a software engineer at the AI startup Runpod, wore the $3,500 headset while their wedding photos were taken. He also wore it at the reception, when everyone was dancing.

He apparently thought a first-person point of view on their special day was the move, but his bride wasn’t so sure. A picture of Wright wearing the Apple Vision Pro and his wife, Cambree looking on in disgust—in her wedding dress, as she holds her bouquet of flowers—has gone viral online.

Software engineer wore an Apple Vision Pro to his wedding pic.twitter.com/qbxv8umlDy

— Dexerto (@Dexerto) February 28, 2024
Twitter: @Dexerto

“I try not to look because it’s a little creepy, it’s a little uncanny,” Cambree told the outlet. “When he’s in the Apple Vision Pro, I let him do his thing.”

“He’s like, ‘Hey baby, can we get pictures with the Apple Vision Pro?’” she continued. “He probably asked me two or three times. I was like, ‘No, no, no, we have to wait, we have to wait.’ And then I turn around one minute and he has it on.”

While she does look mad in the photo, it seems that she really wasn’t.

“I totally look pissed in the picture,” she added. “But I wasn’t pissed.”

Apple’s new mixed reality headset launched earlier this month. The device’s 600+ games and apps are "designed to take full advantage of the unique and powerful capabilities of Apple Pro Vision." According to Apple, the gadget is equipped with an "infinite canvas" and introduces a "powerful three-dimensional user interface that users navigate with their eyes, hands, and voice."

T-Pain gave a heavy co-sign to the Pro Vision. "I'm just letting you know, y'all ain't leaving me behind in this terrible-looking world. I'm gone forever, I'm wearing this bitch everywhere. It's over," he said on Instagram earlier this month.

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