iPhone 11 Camera Design Is Triggering Trypophobia for Some People

Apple unveiled its new iPhone 11 on Tuesday.


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Apple unveiled its new iPhone 11, and the updated design is impressive, particularly the cameras.

The new iPhone 11 Pro models feature a new design element: three lenses. While some are excited, the updated look has also provoked some users’ trypophobia.

WebMD defines trypophobia as “a fear of holes,” while Wikipedia is a bit more specific defining the phobia as “an aversion to the sight of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes, or bumps.”

Apple just announced the #iPhone11Pro

2 Sizes. 3 Cameras on the back. 4 Colors.

This one is actually a camera. #AppleEvent pic.twitter.com/qkaqaNVH5N

— Complex (@Complex) September 10, 2019

iPhone 11 PRO BABBBYY #AppleEvent pic.twitter.com/R7IiNvzRP9

— Jenna Ezarik (@jennaezarik) September 10, 2019

Read about how some consumers are reacting to the iPhone 11's trypophobia trigger below.

The #iphone11 needs a trypophobia trigger warning pic.twitter.com/3Q80yfpd5Q

— Steven Greenstreet 🐷 (@MiddleOfMayhem) September 10, 2019

This #iPhone11 got my trypophobia actin up like a muhfucka.

Y’all can keep this 3 eyed demon phone.

I’m good. pic.twitter.com/83tqZtSPOR

— 𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕲𝖆𝖜𝖉 (@visecs) September 10, 2019

The iPhone 11 leaks triggers my trypophobia. 🙈 #ApppleLaunchingEvent pic.twitter.com/3VclNSZAYt

— donbosconovitch (@donbosconovitch) September 10, 2019

The new iPhones lowkey triggering my trypophobia 🤧 pic.twitter.com/vaVlyWv2FT

— Em⁷ ✨ (@jungsh0okiee) September 10, 2019

Those new camera’s trigger my trypophobia and it’s no joke 🤢 #AppleEvent pic.twitter.com/qaaGfHR03j

— Charlotte⁷ (@JM_Sparkle) September 10, 2019

Me ordering the new ugly ass iPhone 11 Pro despite the trypophobia trigger: #AppleEvent pic.twitter.com/UboO8ZzmcL

— Yvonne Saint Lorainne. (@_SheJustDoIt) September 10, 2019

The iPhone 11 starts at $699 while the Pro models start at $999. The phones will be available for preorder beginning this Friday. 

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