Alabama Cop Placed on Leave After Video Shows Her Tasering Crying Black Man

The clip shows the officer laughing while berating the unidentified man.

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A video has been circulating online of a white female Alabama cop tasering a Black man who’s handcuffed.

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The unidentified officer—who works for the Reform Police Department in Pickens County per TMZ—is shown laughing while employing a stun gun on the man, who also remains unidentified. The woman has since been placed on leave. According to District Attorney Andy Hamlin, the man was apprehended due to a trafficking fentanyl charge.

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In the clip, the cop has the man bend over face first on the hood of a car, telling him to “stay still.” She has the taser pointed at his back as she searches him. "I ain't doing shit, bro. I got a gun right there," he says. “Oh yeah,” she responds, laughing. 

She pulls the gun out and then begins to tase him. “Oh my God!” he yells. He then starts crying. "Do you want it again? Shut your bitch ass up!" she says.

"The Reform Police Department is aware of a video circulating involving a citizen's arrest on Dec. 2,” reform police Chief Richard Black and Mayor Melody Davis said in a joint statement.

"The department is in the process of turning over all materials related to this arrest to the Alabama State Bureau of Investigation and has requested a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the arrest. In accordance with City Policy, the officer involved has been placed on administrative leave while the investigation is conducted."

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