Trump Supporter Filmed Punching a Man Who Allegedly Refused to Stop Playing YG's "FDT" (UPDATE)

The incident reportedly took place in Denton, Texas, during an anti-Trump protest. The victim says he is doing fine, but it's unclear if he will pursue charges.

Trump 2020 sign

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Trump 2020 sign

UPDATED Oct. 4, 10:56 p.m. ET: According to Denton-Record Chronicle, local police arrested 44-year-old Jason Lata late Saturday after officers obtained a warrant for his arrest. He is charged with assault causing bodily injury and was booked to the Denton City Jail in lieu of $15,000 bail.

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See original story from 10/03/20 below.

A Texas man was recently caught on camera punching an anti-Trump protester in the face. And it appears it was a YG song that set him off. 

As pointed out by TMZ, a the incident took place outside a convenience store in Denton, Texas, where an apparent anti-Trump demonstration was taking place. Video shows an especially angry man screaming at one of the protesters and demanding him to "turn it off." As you can hear in the footage, YG's 2016 track "FDT" (Fuck Donald Trump) is playing in the background.

A second man donning a Trump 2020 shirt is heard telling the protester, "You shouldn't even be here, bud." Seconds later, the screaming man says "I'll fuck you up," and the punches the protester in the face, causing him to fall over. "Get up, motherfucker!" the man screams, as others tell him to calm down. If you listen closely, you can also hear another voice telling someone to call the cops.

You can watch the incident below.

The victim tells TMZ he was taken the hospital, but is doing fine. It's unclear of he will pursue charges.

The video comes as President Trump remains hospitalized at Walter Reed Medical Center, where he is being treated for coronavirus. POTUS confirmed early Friday morning that he and first lady Melania Trump had tested positive for the virus and were placed under quarantine. 

Hours after the announcement, Trump was transported to the military hospital reportedly as a "precautionary measure." On Saturday, the president posted a second video update from Walter Reed, insisting he was "doing well."

"I just didn’t want to stay in the White House. I was given that alternative," Trump said. "Stay in the White House, lock yourself in, don’t ever leave, don’t even go to the Oval Office, just stay upstairs and enjoy it. Don’t see people, don’t talk to people and just be done with it, and I can’t do that.

"I came here, wasn’t feeling so well, I feel much better now. We're working hard to get me all the way back, I have to be back because we still have to make America great again."

Sources have painted a different picture of Trump's condition, with one insider telling CBS' Steven Portnoy that the president's vitals were "very concerning."

"The president's vitals over the last 24 hours were very concerning and the next 48 hours will be critical in terms of his care," the source reportedly said. "We're still not on a clear path to a full recovery."

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