Drunk Man Tries to Skip Out on a 6-Hour, $2,200 Taxi Fare on New Year’s Eve

Three countries and 372 miles later, police forced the traveler to pay up.

A yellow and black danish taxi

Image via Francis Dean/Corbis via Getty Images

A yellow and black danish taxi

Think your New Year’s Eve turn up was wild? It probably doesn’t compare to this guy’s.

According to the BBC, a 40-something-year-old European man celebrated the holiday in the same way many adults do: He got drunk. Nothing too exciting or notable about that, but the story gets better.

At the end of the night, the unidentified man decided to do the responsible thing and called up a taxi to take him home; however, the dude was in Copenhagen, Denmark, during the holiday and his home was all the way in Oslo, Norway. The taxi driver apparently didn’t mind. After he was picked up, the man was taken on a 372-mile, six-hour journey that took him through three countries: from Copenhagen through Sweden, and finally to Norway’s capital.

As you might’ve guessed, this resulted in a pretty hefty taxi bill—$2,200 to be exact. However, once the inebriated man arrived home, he reportedly refused to cough up the dough and retreated inside. The taxi driver, who was also stranded after the vehicle’s battery died, immediately called the police. Authorities eventually arrived at the scene and found the Norwegian man asleep in bed. Once he was woken up, he agreed to pay the fare.

Though you have to commend the man for acting responsibly and not getting behind the wheel, you have to wonder just how faded he was to agree to a six-hour taxi drive. 

The BBC reports the man had no previous criminal record. 

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