Officers Detain Man Who Allegedly Smoked Weed on an American Airlines Flight

The pilot decided to make an emergency landing, and the passenger was taken to the hospital.

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An American Airlines passenger was placed in handcuffs Friday after his disorderly conduct forced the pilot to make an emergency landing.

According to TMZ, the flight was headed from Phoenix to Minneapolis when a man's behavior sparked security concerns among those onboard. The suspect allegedly admitted to being high on cocaine before he locked himself in the bathroom for about 10 minutes as crew members attempted to get him out. The "jittery" man eventually returned to his seat just before the plane made an unscheduled landing in Denver. Medical personnel and local police officers then boarded the jet to confront the unidentified passenger, who was clearly in a DGAF mood.

Video shows officials approaching the man right before he lights up and begins smoking a purported joint. The pilot can be heard over the intercom telling passengers in the first 13 rows to exit the plane so that the "disruptive" individual could be removed. But the shit show didn't end there. As people began making their way down the aisle, we see the suspect take a swing at a fellow passenger before flipping him off.

Officers then handcuffed the man and placed him on a gurney as he screamed about the pain caused by the cuffs. 

"Fuck you, it hurts!" he's heard shouting. "Take it off, it hurts!"

The Denver Police Department told TMZ that the officers determined the incident was more of a "medical issue." The man was reportedly taken to the hospital after the incident. It's unclear if he was arrested or hit with any charges.

"Flight 2408 diverted due to a disruptive passenger," a spokesperson for the airline told TMZ. "Law enforcement met the flight, and the aircraft re-departed."

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