Texas Man Charged With Murder After Fatally Shooting Woman Over Pick-Up Basketball Game

Cameron Hogg, 31, was arrested on Thursday and charged with murder in connection with the fatal Oct. 3 shooting of Asia Womack in South Dallas,

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A Texas man has been charged with murder after fatally shooting a friend following a pick-up basketball game.

NBC News reports Cameron Hogg, 31, was arrested and charged Thursday for the murder of 21-year-old Asia Womack, who was killed Oct. 3 after she’d beaten Hogg in a basketball game at a Dallas park.

According to an arrest affidavit obtained by the news station, Hogg and Womack got into an argument after their pick-up game, at which point the latter walked to a nearby friend’s house to watch football. Later on, Womack and her friend were sitting outside when Hogg pulled up in his truck, got out and walked over to the pair. Police say Hogg then shot Womack twice in the chest “knocking her into a chair,” with the witness confirming Hogg shot Womack two more times before leaving.

The witness later identified Hogg in a police line-up.

“This is so senseless,” the family’s pastor, John Delley, told Fox 4 earlier this month. “You become embarrassed basically because a female beat you in basketball.”

Womack’s mother, Andrea, said the shooter was a friend of Andrea’s. “This was supposed to be a friend of Asia’s. She’s eaten with the man, she’s fed him, and he turned on her and killed her in a vicious way.”

Womack’s aunt said that the family is “taking it kind of hard because it was senseless,” adding, “I just don’t understand why you kill somebody over a basketball game.”

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