Video Captures Driverless Tesla Crashing Into $3 Million Private Jet

A video was posted on Reddit Thursday which shows a Tesla slowly crashing into a $3.5 million private jet after being “summoned” by its owner.

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A video was posted on Reddit Thursday showing a driverless Tesla slowly crashing into a $3 million private jet after being “summoned” by its owner.

The Reddit user claims the incident took place at an event hosted by aircraft manufacturer Cirrus at Felts Field in Spokane, Washington. A spokesperson for Cirrus confirmed to Insider that the plane was a Cirrus Vision Jet priced between $3 million and $3.5 million.

The person who captured the footage said the Tesla owner was using the “Smart Summon” feature, which enables the vehicle to leave a parking space and navigate around obstacles to its owner.

According to Tesla’s website, the Smart Summon feature is “designed to allow you to move Model Y to your location (using your phone’s GPS as a target destination) or to a location of your choice, maneuvering around and stopping for objects as necessary.”

The company adds, “This is useful for moving Model Y out of a tight parking spot, through puddles, or helping you retrieve your car while carrying packages. You must maintain a clear line of sight between you and Model Y and closely monitor the vehicle and its surroundings at all times.”

It isn’t the first time the autopilot feature has resulted in a collision. Back in September 2019, shortly after Smart Summon was first rolled out, a Tesla owner took to Twitter to post a video during which their driverless vehicle nearly crashed into another car after the feature was enabled. 

“My first test of Smart Summon didn’t go so well,” the user wrote.

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