Couple Share Emails From Venue That Refused to Host Wedding Because of Their Sexual Orientation

A gay couple in Nashville was told by the owner of a wedding venue that they couldn't accommodate them because they don't believe in same-sex marriages.


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gay couple in Nashville has put the owner of a wedding venue on blast after she denied hosting their ceremony, TMZ reports.

Mike Gill and his partner, Coty, shared emails from Jackie Daniel, the owner of Barn in the Bend in Nashville, Tennessee, in which she discriminates against the couple because of their sexual orientation.

In a bizarre email exchange, the couple reached out to Daniel, who initially offered to set up a tour of the venue. “If this looks like something that would work for you let me know and we will be glad to set up a tour,” Daniel wrote. Meanwhile, her email signature at the time read, “We offer same sex marriage ceremonies only.”

Gay Nashville Couple wedding emails

From there, things got weird. Daniel’s next email to the couple came off as if she didn’t remember ever communicating with Gill.“I am not sure but I believe I remember you calling me last week,” the strange message said. “Did you mention that your partner was a ‘he’ If I’m wrong I’m sorry. However, I don’t want to waste your time since we do not offer same-sex marriages here.”

Even more, the email had a new signature at the bottom, this time reading, “We do not offer same-sex marriage ceremonies.”

Gay Nashville Couple wedding emails

When Gill followed up, threatening to tell others that Daniel was bigoted, she told him in a third email that it was a religious decision to discriminate because that’s what Jesus would want.

“I see you wasted no time with the reviews and that too is your right just as my choice of ceremony types at my venue is my choice,” she concluded.

Check out the screenshots of the email exchange up top.

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