Video Shows Dollar Store Employee Hitting Man Who Allegedly Stole Produce With Car

Doorbell footage caught the moment a dollar store employee chased down an alleged shoplifter and hit him with her own car.

In doorbell camera footage shared online, a Dollar store employee is seen chasing down an alleged thief and running him down with her own car.

The video has been widely shared online and shows the employee, who reportedly worked for a Dollar General store in California, running the alleged thief down and knocking him off his bike.

The two could be seen shouting at each other before she made contact with him, sending him flying off his bike and the items he was carrying onto a nearby driveway. "F*cking bitch," he could be heard yelling at her after she got out of her car to retrieve some of the items and confront him. "Yeah? Well who the f*ck do you think you are stealing from my store, bitch?" she replied. "That's the second time."

The two trade insults for just over a minute, before the woman drives away with some of the produce that man stole. She questioned why he couldn't afford the items at the store, and he suggested that she would be "going to jail" for running him down. "I'm pressing charges, bitch," he said. It is unclear if he has pressed charges against the employee, or if he is under investigation for allegedly stealing.

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