People Have Discovered Short Angry Bagel Guy's YouTube, and It's Pretty Much What You'd Expect

Earlier this week, an irate customer at a bagel store went viral after he was filmed ranting about women on dating apps.


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Earlier this week, an irate customer at a bagel store went viral after he was filmed ranting about women on dating apps. The man in question was accused of degrading the female staff at the Bagel Boss in Bay Shore, Long Island, to which he responded, “Why is it OK for women to say, ‘You’re five feet on dating sites, you should be dead,’ and that’s OK?” The clip ended with the man tackled and pinned to the ground after he physically threatened another customer. As is the case with many viral videos, it didn’t take long for internet detectives to discover his identity.

After some sleuthing, it was discovered the angry bagel guy has a YouTube channel, and that his name is Chris Morgan. Across his videos, it would appear as though this isn’t the first time he’s made a scene. However, the experience is very different when filmed from his perspective. A variety of clips show Morgan getting angry at a 7/11 worker he claimed harassed him, while another has him arguing with a mother in front of her child. His video titles include “Neighbor threatens to punch the shit out of me,” and “Ghetto hoodrat cuts in front of me to use bathroom.”

The 7/11 videos he has on his channel, however, might be his most interesting. Funnily enough, it doesn’t take long for his height to get brought up again. In the first part of his 7/11 clips, he yelled at a calm 7/11 employee and claimed that they asked him how tall he is. Getting increasingly angry, he then continually shouted at the employee, asking them, “What country are you from?” He then revealed his height, “I’m five feet tall,” and then later corrected himself to say he’s 4’11”.

When the employee told him that they’re from Pakistan, he immediately went off on a xenophobic rant. “You know how much money our country gives you? Fucking third world toilet countries,” he shouted. “If it wasn’t for our country, you wouldn’t be working here.” He then circled back to his height, a topic he seems particularly sensitive about. From there he called the police and then recorded a separate video.

When the police officer arrived, he explained his side of the situation, to which the cop responded, "Alright, well guess what? People are allowed to joke." 

Morgan has since appeared on Hot 97 to talk about the incident in the bagel shop, capitalizing on his newfound fame.

Omg the short bagel shop man just said he’s the modern day Martin Luther King on Hot 97 😂😂

— . (@adoseofadriii) July 11, 2019

As to be expected, he said some wild things during his interview with the radio station. Not only did he reveal that he's considering pressing charges against the man who tackled him, listeners also said Morgan called himself "the modern Martin Luther King" of short people. Bagel Boss, the store in which he got tackled for his comments, revealed that Morgan didn't pay for his bagel in the end.

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