Video Shows Amusement Park Ride Hurtling to Ground, Injuring 16

A terrifying video shows a freefall-style amusement park ride malfunctioning and plummeting to the ground with people on board in Mohali, India.

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A terrifying video of a freefall-style amusement park ride malfunctioning and plummeting to the ground in Mohali, India has gone viral.

Per local news network NDTV, the accident happened on Sunday (Sept. 4) at a fairground at around 9:15 p.m. local time. The clip of the incident shows that dozens of people were on board the ride at the time it hurtled to the ground, leaving debris and injured riders. According to authorities, no one was killed on the ride but 16 people were taken to a nearby hospital to receive treatment for their injuries.

The viral video was shared on Twitter by TV9 journalist Nikhil Choudhary, who added that among the many injured were women and children. In a comment provided to Insider, Choudhary said eyewitnesses claim there were as many as 50 people on board and at least half of them were injured. The ride fell approximately 50 feet when it malfunctioned. No ambulances were on standby at the fair, but Choudhary said emergency vehicles showed up to the scene moments after the accident.

The below video contains footage that some may find disturbing.

Live Visual of swing breaking in #Mohali phase 8, Many people got injured. Around 16 women & kids were hospitalised after the incident.

— Nikhil Choudhary (@NikhilCh_) September 4, 2022

Amit Talwar, the deputy commissioner for Mohali Police, said that an investigation into what caused the incident has been launched, per The Hindustan Times. Authorities have promised to take “strict action” against those responsible. The fair was scheduled to end on Sunday, but organizers had recently been offered an extension until Sept. 11.

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