15-Year-Old Girl Abducted by Father Fatally Shot by Police During Shootout in California

Savannah's father—who was on the run after the alleged murder of his estranged wife—was at the center of the shootout during a confrontation with authorities

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Savannah Graziano, a 15-year-old girl, was fatally shot by deputies during a shootout after she was abducted by her father, 45-year-old Anthony Graziano.

Per the Associated Press, Savannah's father—who was on the run for the murder of his estranged wife—was at the center of the shootout during a confrontation with authorities on Southern California's Highway 15 on September 27, 2022. He was also fatally shot during the confrontation.

In newly released video, which the San Bernardino County sheriff's department released, Savannah was seen approaching deputies in an attempt to reach safety only to be shot by multiple officers.

The 15-minute video was filmed from a sheriff's helicopter and witness dashboard cameras because police did not have body cameras. Following a chase between Anthony Graziano and police, during which gunfire was exchanged, his pickup truck came to a stop.

An officer who was taking cover behind one of the police vehicles told the teenage girl to "get out" of the pickup truck and "come to me." She then exited the vehicle in tactical gear and a helmet and ran toward the deputy. She crouched to the floor for a moment as she continued to receive commands from the officer.

Savannah then stood back up and continued to approach the officer as others opened fire. The officer who gave her commands, yelled out, "Stop! Stop shooting her! He's in the car!" The department added this was not broadcast over radio but the audio was captured by a recorder on the officer's belt. Shortly after the teenager was fatally shot, a deputy from the helicopter filming the confrontation can be heard saying "Oh, no."

Up until the release of the video, authorities dodged questions as to whether it was deputies or her father that killed Savannah Graziano. They also haven't released autopsy reports for her, her father, or her mother. She was, however, unarmed when she was fatally shot. The shooting is currently under investigation by the California Department of Justice.

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