Two Texas Teens Charged After Allegedly Taking Necklace From Man's Corpse in Snapchat Video

"I am still shook. I’m disturbed by it,” Sheriff Javier Salazar said of a Snapchat post allegedly depicting two Texas teens stealing a necklace off a dead man.

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A Texas teenager was arrested and is being charged with theft to a human corpse or grave after she was reportedly filmed on Snapchat taking a necklace from a dead man. 

17-year-old Bethany Martin and a 16-year-old friend found the body in Southwest Bexar County last week, county Sheriff’s Office officials told KENS 5. According to investigators, the girls called a friend who then told authorities. The Bexar County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled the 25-year-old man’s death a suicide after he apparently hung himself. 

A day after the body was discovered, authorities recieved footage of Martin and her friend near the body, with Martin reportedly taking a necklace from his corpse, as noted by an arrest affidavit according to KSAT.

Investigators soon recognized the girls as witnesses, and Martin reportedly told investigators that her friend liked the necklace so she took the medallion off and gave it to her. The friend then reportedly revealed she posted the moment on Snapchat, and that the piece “matched her fashion style.”

“When my homicide sergeant pulled me aside and said ‘I’m going to show you video that’s going to be very, very disturbing,’ and he showed me the video and it was, I’m shook! I am still shook. I’m disturbed by it,” Sheriff Javier Salazar said last week, according to KENS 5.

The teen eventually returned the medallion to authorities before they gave it back to the man’s family. Martin has since been released after her bond was set at $2,000, and her 16-year-old friend was also charged with theft to a human corpse.

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