Houston Police Are Looking for Group of Teens Accused of Robbing Bank and the Internet Has Jokes

"Of all the things I expected to happen this year, Oceans 5th Grade wasn’t on the list," wrote one user.

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The FBI say they need help tracking down a group of kids accused of robbing a bank in Houston, Texas.

The three teenagers, nicknamed “the Little Rascals” by investigators, threatened a teller inside of a Wells Fargo bank in the northside of Houston on Thursday afternoon, KHOU 11 reports.

Witnesses said they didn’t see any weapons and the children, believed to be between 14-18 years old, still left the bank on foot with an undisclosed amount of money.

The alleged robbers are believed to be minors which led KHOU 11 to blur out their faces in their reporting. On the other hand, FBI Houston sent out a tweet—which has amassed 5.9 million views at the time of writing—without any censoring to see if citizens can help identify the suspects.

Recognize these "little rascals"? Believe it or not they just robbed the Wells Fargo at 10261 North Freeway. If you know who and where they are contact police immediately or @crimestophou at 713-222-TIPS. #HouNews pic.twitter.com/0rw6jfPFEA

— FBI Houston (@FBIHouston) March 14, 2024
Twitter: @FBIHouston

It was already hard for some people on social media to imagine why the teens weren’t able to be subdued by any bank security guards nor how the tellers perceived the children as a credible threat. It’s also astonishing to some that the Federal Bureau of Investigation needs help with this at all.

Although the people in the FBI’s replies and quote tweets weren’t at the bank at the time of the incident to assess the scene for themselves, that didn’t stop them from weighing in with some of the most hilarious takes on the matter. Check out their reactions below.

i dont know which is more embarrassing that a bank got robbed by some middle schoolers or that the fbi cant find them https://t.co/6RxyWsDI5h

— kira 👾 (@kirawontmiss) March 17, 2024
Twitter: @kirawontmiss

Not being able to find a gang of 12 year olds without public assistance is something that even you shouldn’t be able to waterboard out of you, FBI https://t.co/zuodbzsV8w

— Czarina (@fishontherun2) March 17, 2024
Twitter: @fishontherun2

if you’re like 12 and successfully rob a bank, they should let you keep some of it. we should treat this like when middle schoolers build a nuclear reactor or solve a weird calculus problem. they should be given internships with whoever the best bank robber alive is https://t.co/xTVhVAaZf8

— Lead Actor from Pixar’s Sodas (@ByYourLogic) March 16, 2024
Twitter: @ByYourLogic

If your city’s bank gets successfully robbed by 5th graders then you don’t deserve the money and they do. Simple as https://t.co/hq02Rnz5yS

— Soham (@SohamGadre) March 17, 2024
Twitter: @SohamGadre

what do you expect kids to do for money when the choice is this or a meat packing plant so dangerous it would make upton sinclair vomit in terror https://t.co/hqakBphZZA

— francis wolf (@francisxwolf) March 17, 2024
Twitter: @francisxwolf

This is an embarrassing L for both the bank and the FBI.

Y'all should have kept this a secret. https://t.co/hxFcRAo8fl

— first of all, bitch, ... (Yeah Mo!) (@thejournalista) March 17, 2024
Twitter: @thejournalista

Of all the things I expected to happen this year, Oceans 5th Grade wasn’t on the list https://t.co/9HzC9JCWCg

— Steven Young (@stevenyoung269) March 17, 2024
Twitter: @stevenyoung269

Off subject but this is yet another sign of employee burnout. A grown adult employee look at 3 Brats who look like they are barely out of 5th grade & said, "Sure. Here's all the money" instead of laughing in their faces? At this point you just have to let them keep the money🤷‍♀️ https://t.co/oKtQM12V6u pic.twitter.com/UrQlvuoizM

— PHENOMENAL MENTAL BREAKDOWN 😑🙏🍷💋💪 (@JacksonBrittsny) March 17, 2024
Twitter: @JacksonBrittsny

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