March For Our Lives Protest Exceeds Trump's Inauguration Crowd

Organizers estimate that there were about 800,000 protesters.

When it comes to Donald Trump, size matters. The size of his border wall. The size of his hands. And most infamously...the size of his inauguration crowd. Trump’s inauguration crowd is one of his oldest obsessions/sore spots of his presidency, so it should be noted that the March For Our Lives rally on Saturday reportedly passed it by a landslide.

Ahead of the march, organizers and officials running the protest were optimistic about crowd size, according to The Hill, expecting a crowd of around half a million to march in Washington, D.C. During the event, democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen already felt confident enough with the crowd size to take the obvious jab at Trump. “I can tell you for sure, it’s larger than the Trump inauguration,” he told The Hill.

An impressive crowd gathered today in DC for the #MarchForOurLives rally

— Maxar Technologies (@Maxar) March 24, 2018

Hours after the march wrapped up, organizers rounded the number of demonstrators to 800,000 people. If this number is accurate, then Van Hollen is right—the crowd was considerably larger than Trump’s, which was estimated to be somewhere between 300,000 and 600,000 people. The March For Our Lives has joined the ranks of the Women’s March in major demonstrations that have outshone the Cheeto-in-chief’s inauguration.

Officials connected with today’s #MarchForOurLives here in D.C. tell @NBCNews that they are estimating a crowd size of *800,000* after forecasts of 500,000.

Sure feels likes that from our vantage point on the ground.

— Jacob Soboroff (@jacobsoboroff) March 24, 2018

March For Our Lives protests took place in cities across the country, with hundreds of thousands advocating for stricter gun control and safer schools. Trump spent the day hanging out in Mar-a-Lago, but even there he was unable to avoid the protests as some 5,000 people gathered outside the resort. Unfortunately, even with these large crowds, it’s wholly unlikely that this protest will be able sway Trump and his relationship with the NRA.

#MarchForOurLives Going on the bridge over train tracks at West Palm Beach, taking it closer to Mar-a-Lago. Crowd Estimate: 5,000

— Anne Geggis (@AnneBoca) March 24, 2018

The demonstrations follow the deadly shooting in Parkland that left 17 dead. Students and survivors of the shooting have held multiple walkouts and various other demonstrations before calling for a national march against gun violence. The event included the protest, as well as performances and speeches by organizers, activists, and students.

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