How You Can Score Pope Francis' White Lambo for a Good Cause

The Pope previously auctioned off his holy whip, but the winner failed to pay up.

Pope Francis Lambo

Image via Getty/Giuseppe Ciccia

Pope Francis Lambo

Hear ye, hear ye people with at least $10 in their bank account reading this. You now have the unique opportunity to enter a raffle to win the holy whip from Pope Francis—that is, his white and gold custom-built Lamborghini Huracán coupé.

Broke folks feel free to read on, because it only costs $10 to enter a raffle for the heavenly vehicle, which features his signature "Francesco" on it with a black marker. Pope Francis previously auctioned off the car, but the winner failed to cough up their agreed $800,000.  

This is what his holiness' Lambo looks like: 

#PopeFrancis received a @Lamborghini this morning! He's going to have it auctioned off at Sotheby's. Learn more here:
Photo Credit: © L'Osservatore Romano

— Catholic News Agency (@cnalive) November 15, 2017

By donating at least 10 bucks to this online fundraising campaign, you will be entered to win the car and drive yourself right on into heaven (disclaimer: it's unclear if the Lambo will get you into heaven). The winner of the car is going to be flown to Rome and given the keys at a private ceremony with the pontiff and Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali, according to the website Wanted in Rome. The special edition vehicle is worth upwards of $200,000.

The proceeds of the raffle are going to be donated to rebuild communities "that have been devastated by violence and war, assist victims of human trafficking, provide medical care and education to those living in poverty," distributed through Charities Aid Foundation of America.

You may be asking yourself, why does the Pope have a Lamborghini in the first place? It was a gift from Domenicali given to Francis in November 2017. Pope Francis has reportedly never ridden in the car. 

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