Pope Francis won't be giving into temptation and trading in his popemobile for a Lamborghini anytime soon.

The pope was recently presented with a one-of-a-kind white and yellow-gold (the color of the Vatican flag) Huracan  Coupe from Lamborghini executives outside of his residence at the Saint Martha Guesthouse. 

But instead of using the special edition Huracan, which is worth upwards of $200,000, for his day-to-day commute, the pope will auction off the sportscar and give the money to a number of charities of his choosing, including one meant to offer a helping hand to Christians who are living as refugees in Kurdistan in an effort to get them back to Iraq. 

To sweeten the pot for anyone thinking about placing a bid, Pope Francis blessed the car and signed "Francesco" on it with a black marker. The signature is a nice touch on an already unique vehicle. When the pope visited the United States two years ago, he used a Fiat 500L worth $21,000. The vehicle was eventually auctioned for $82,000. It's safe to assume that this one will go for a whole lot more. 

The pope will not take the car for a spin before the auction which will take place on May 12, 2018.