Starbucks Canada Adds Calories To Menu

It's time to find out how fattening that Frap really is.

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In what may be the scariest news of the day, Starbucks Canada will now add calorie information to its menu boards. If you didn't want to know how hefty that Frappuccino is in fat, then turn away now. The coffee giant will begin to implement the info starting September 29th. 

The move stems from the brand's recent desire to become more "transparent". The chain has already made this information available on its website for the last few years, but this physical addition will be a new initiative. Ontario will be the first province to advertise the food and drink calorie count, while the rest of Canada's 1,358 locations, will follow suit throughout the remainder of the year.

The official site is sort of clunky and difficult to navigate now, so this menu will likely be a welcome addition to the Starbucks experience. If you're already dreading the change, and want to get the revelation out of the way, we're here for you fam. It seems as though Starbucks Canada's most caloric drink, is the Venti, White Hot Chocolate. The drink has a combined 15 grams of fat, and is a total of 590 calories. The drink is pretty deceptive, so the calorie board may be helpful in our daily purchase.

For those of you getting into the seasonal spirit, the beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte, weighs in at a more reasonable 420 calories (with whip cream, of course). You can begin to second-guess your purchases, as the new menu boards fill stores, later this month. The calorie count of food items, will be added in November.

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