Christopher Columbus Statue in Richmond, Virgina Torn Down and Thrown Into Lake After Protest

A statue of Christopher Columbus at Byrd Park, which is located in Richmond, Virginia, was torn down and thrown into a lake on Tuesday.

christopher columbus statue richmond

A depiction of Genoese navigator Christopher Columbus (1451 - 1506) claiming possession of the New World, 1492. (Photo by Universal History Archive/Getty Images)

christopher columbus statue richmond

A statue of Christopher Columbus at Byrd Park, which is located in Richmond, Virginia and was dedicated back in 1927, was torn down and thrown into Landing at Fountain Lake. Images of the incident, which went down on Tuesday night, circulated on social media with many applauding the statue's removal. Protesters used ropes to tear down the statue, ABC 8 News reports. They then dragged the statue for about 200 yards to the aforementioned lake and tossed it in. The statue's removal occurred after a demonstration in support of indigenous people.

The Christopher Columbus statue in Richmond, Va was fallen and dragged a quarter mile and thrown into a lake. #rva #riots2020
Christopher Columbus Statue is in Fountain Lake, Byrd Park, Richmond, Virginia

"This continent is built on the blood and the bones of our ancestors, but it is built off the backs and the sweat and the tears and the blood and the bones of Africans," Vanessa Bolin of the Richmond Indigenous Society said at the protest, perRichmond Times-Dispatch. "We’re not here to hijack your movement. We’re here to stand in solidarity."

In related news, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam recently announced that a statue of confederate general Robert E. Lee in Richmond will be removed. The move has since been temporarily blocked with a 10-day injunction by a judge in Richmond after resident William C. Gregory argued that it could possibly suffer "irreparable harm" if it's taken down.

"Governor Northam remains committed to removing this divisive symbol from Virginia's capital city, and we're confident in his authority to do so," Alena Yarmosky, a spokesperson for  Gov. Ralph Northam, told CNN.

Check out some reactions (and jokes) to the removal of the Christopher Columbus statue below.

Protesters in Richmond tore down the Christopher Columbus statue in Byrd Park and threw it in the lake tonight and Google already updated the location LMAOOOOO
Update: The statue claims to have discovered the lake in Byrd Park.
You guys aren’t gonna believe this, but the Christopher Columbus statue in Byrd park Richmond, VA just got up and walked itself into the nearest lake. Super weird 🤷🏾‍♂️ #rva
Out here at Byrd park! Afro-indigenous solidarity forever and ever #nomorecolonizers #fucksettlercolonialism
I’m not even going to pretend that I’m upset about seeing Christopher Columbus’ statue being torn down in Byrd Park Richmond, Virginia. Nope. I’m not. The land stealer tripped and fell in 2020.
The statue of Christopher Columbus at Byrd Park was not torn down. He was just exploring a new area of the park and tripped into the fountain. He’s a freaking explorer! What did you expect?
The people of Richmond are celebrating joy right now in Byrd park.

Indigenous and Black activists creating music and dance as we celebrate the justice yet to come.

Richmond is so beautiful.
🤷🏾‍♀️ Christopher Columbus was no hero
He ain't shxt.

Whomever did that in Byrd park...

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