In today's bit of unsurprising news, people who bragged openly about committing federal crimes continue to be arrested by federal agents. The latest Capital rioter to be taken into custody is 34-year-old Garrett Miller, who posted unmasked photos of himself inside the Capitol shortly after tweeting death threats at Congressional representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, NBC News reports

The Richardson, Texas man posted photos of himself wearing a Trump beanie inside the Capitol building. Those photos, as well as comments he made on social media, were included in the criminal complaint. Underneath that photo, Miller replied to someone that he  “just wanted to incriminate [himself]a little."

Before entering the Capitol building that day, Miller tweeted "assassinate AOC" in response to a tweet where she called for Donald Trump's impeachment. After the riots, Miller allegedly made online threats against the Capitol police officer who shot and killed rioter Ashli Babbitt. He said that someone should lynch the officer and that he was "not going to survive long" in posts to Facebook.

In spite of this seemingly cavalier attitude toward what he did, Miller's lawyer claims that his client is remorseful. 

"Mr. Miller regrets the acts he took in a misguided effort to show his support for former President Trump,” attorney F. Clinton Broden told the New York Times. “He has the full support of his family and has always been a law-abiding citizen.”

Miller was arrested on Wednesday and faces charges of violent entry, disorderly conduct and making threats. He has not yet entered a plea.