"Texas" and "snow" are rarely used in the same sentence. But a new, fast-moving storm could bring snow to parts of the Lone Star State and New Mexico

Per ABC, a snowstorm developing in the Southern Rockies could make its way into the Southern Plains by Saturday night. This would result in heavy snowfall spanning from Colorado into Texas and New Mexico.

Most of the heavy accumulation will occur in the Texas panhandle near cities like Lubbock, which could see more than 6 inches of snow. It will stay west of major cities like Dallas and Austin where the rain could possibly change into snow, resulting in an inch or less of accumulation.

As for New Mexico, its major hubs won't be as lucky. Places like Roswell, Albuquerque, and Santa Fe are expected to experience the brunt of the storm. There are also parts of Northern New Mexico with higher elevations that could see up to a foot of snow.

Texas and New Mexico might not be the only Southern states to be hit by this storm. As the system makes its way across the country, it could also bring snow to Louisiana and Mississippi on Monday.

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