Lifestyle YouTuber Gabi DeMartino is facing backlash after allegedly posting a nude childhood video of herself on OnlyFans alongside a lewd message.

“Won’t put my panties on,” she reportedly captioned the clip, which she priced at $3, according to the New York Post. Her OnlyFans account has since been suspended. She also shared a statement about the incident on Twitter.

“A childhood video of me on the phone sayin ‘Nani says put your panties back on’ and jumping up and down laughing. I'm sorry I didn't think that one through. Period,” DeMartino explained in a tweet on Tuesday. She also compared her OnlyFans to a “Finsta” account, where she shares content that she’d share with close friends.

In another tweet, DeMartino wrote, “The video was a goofy throwback family moment that I wanted to share with my personal onlyfans fancy babies. I am sorry that this wasn’t thought out completely I apologize. The video is down now I am sorry again if this came out wrong.”

DeMartino has over 3.2 million subscribers to her YouTube channel, where she posts music, beauty, and lifestyle content. An OnlyFans rep told the Post that her account was taken down because of a “violation of OnlyFans’ Terms of Service.”