A Staten Island Trump supporter was arrested on Tuesday after threatening New Yorkers for celebrating Joe Biden's victory. 

54-year-old Brian Maiorana was apprehended by federal agents after he made several online threats against protesters, democrats, and law enforcement officials.

"It's come to the point where pipe bombs need to be thrown into these mobs of potentially non violent violent protesters," he said in regard to Black Lives Matter protesters per court filings. Then, as the election came to a close, Maiorana shifted his focus to liberal and democrats. 

"The carnage needs to come in the form of extermination of anyone that claims to be democrat…as well as their family members," he wrote online before threatening to "blow up the FBI building for real."

These messages were shared on an unidentified social media platform. He also used the moniker "Proud Patriot Sailor" to post similar statements on mymilitia.com. As a result, officials issued a search warrant for Maiorana's home. During the search and arrest, police found a semiautomatic pistol, a Taser, a crossbow, an expandable baton, the upper portion of an AR-15 assault rifle, and several rounds of ammunition. According to the prosecution, Maiorana had been barred from owning firearms since he was convicted of sexual assault in 2007. 

"The results of a search warrant this morning revealed that this was not simply idle chatter," Assistant U.S. Attorney Artie McConnell during the arraignment. "The defendant appears to have taken steps to acquire weapons that would make it possible for him to carry out what he stated in these violent messages."

To support this assumption, police also found a copy of The Anti-Government Movement Guidebook, a ski-mask, and a second passport. Maiorana was charged with sending interstate threats to injure people. Federal authorities are also looking to hit him with additional charges as the investigation continues.