Unfortunately, 2003 brought with it a feature-length monstrosity by the name of Rudy: The Rudy Giuliani Story. And even more unfortunately, the Rudy-related events of 2020 have resulted in a particularly insufferable moment from the James Woods-starring concoction resurfacing in all its Very Bad Acting horror.

While it's generous to refer to this moment in question as an actual "scene" worth any investigatory effort whatsoever, and even more generous to refer to Rudy: The Rudy Giuliani Story as an actual "movie," those descriptors will have to do. The "scene" has gone unavoidably viral thanks in large part to a tweet from @mariebardi in which it was announced that it had "absolutely murdered" them.

"I am dead," @mariebardi announced when sharing the clip, which sees Woods as Giuliani on a beach spouting off some drivel about cuddling and Republicans set to [sentimental music].

It's impossible to overstate how poorly constructed literally every aspect of this "scene" is. In more humorous detail than I could muster on this blasé Tuesday, here's an assortment of fellow poisoned-in-the-eyes viewers of this Rudy excerpt:

The real-life Giuliani—whose 2020 has included a number of vomitous developments ranging from melting in public to a startlingly gross Borat 2 appearance—also crawled into headlines again on Tuesday thanks to a congressperson who's attempting to get him disbarred.

"Donald Trump has done great damage to this nation—but he has always had helpers," Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr. told the Washington Post of his complaints, filed this month in five states. "These lawyers are enabling his treachery and harming our democracy."