Maybe deregulating communication so the U.S. could split into separate camps operating off their own ideas of the truth was a bad idea? A new poll from Reuters-Ipsos indicates over half of Republicans believe the 2020 presidential election was rigged against Donald Trump.

Overall, 73 percent of people polled believed that president-elect Joe Biden won the election outright, compared to 5 percent who felt the same about Trump. The true divide came when those polled were asked about the fairness and integrity of the election. 

52 percent of Republicans believe Trump rightfully won the election. Only 29 percent of Republicans polled agreed Biden had won a fair election. 68 percent of the Republicans who agreed the election was unfair claim that it was outright “rigged” by Trump’s opponents  
Twitter doesn’t have enough characters to discuss the deep, epistemological crisis the United States is facing, one that’s several years beyond “alternative facts” and stoked by a president who is insisting directly to his followers that he won an election he clearly lost. Networks, websites, and entire spheres of influence are built up around projecting one reality for us and another for them. It’s too much to handle on the bird app, so most people took to making jokes or expressions of outrage.