Watch Chris Cuomo Remind Ted Cruz That Trump 'Said Your Wife Was Ugly'

For some reason, Cruz continues to move forward as though none of the Trump-related mockery and insults aimed at his family ever even happened.

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Though no one anywhere in the world should ever take seriously anything that comes out of the mouth of failed presidential candidate and vaguely convincing Count Chocula impersonator Ted Cruz, it's always thoroughly enjoyable to watch him play a major part in his own unavoidable embarrassment and subsequent humiliation during a televised interview of the live variety.

On Wednesday night, Cruz—apparently in an effort, at least in part, to attempt to convince viewers that reading a book he wrote is somehow a good idea (it's not)—was interviewed by Chris Cuomo on CNN. As your timeline this morning and everything leading up to this part of this article should have made clear by now, the resulting discussion amounted to something far from mere book promo:

Cruz was hell-bent on deflecting questions about Trump, specifically with regards to his administration's failure of a pandemic response, and instead became obsessed with bringing up the host's brother, i.e. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

"My brother will stand on his own record," Cuomo said. "Why don't you talk to [Trump] like you talking to my brother? You afraid of him? You think he'll smack you down at home, is that what it is? Like he shut you up in the primary?" Cruz responded by pretending he didn't hear any of that, choosing instead to continue the brother-related comments and understandably inspiring Cuomo to let loose a reminder of a few specifics from the long history of Trump insulting Cruz.

"My brother's not the president," Cuomo told Cruz. "The one who called you a liar, the one who said your wife was ugly. That guy! You know, the guy now who you won't say anything about." Cuomo then explained that the interview had devolved into such a thing because Republicans like Cruz "wanna play games" while people around the country are dying.

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Below, enjoy an added reminder of what Cruz tucked away to support Trump:

And lest Cruz forget:

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