A Trump supporter was caught on video pointing a gun at a group of protesters during an unofficial Trump rally in Woodinville, Washington over the weekend. 

One of the women involved in the altercation shared the video, claiming that the man with the weapon had "dirty water" poured on him. In the clip itself, the person recording the incident tried to explain to him that he was struck by water. 

According to TMZ, the man alleges that he was hit with "a mix of spit and piss." The aforementioned woman said his story about the unconfirmed liquid substance was constantly changing with accusations ranging from spit to chewing tobacco to acid. 

TMZ reports someone tossed liquid on him with a 5-gallon bucket before fleeing the scene by foot. The man stuck around to be questioned by authorities. And while he wasn't arrested for pointing a gun at a group of people, the cops are said to be searching for the person who poured liquid on him.

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