Dar Leaf, the purported sheriff of Barry County in Michigan, is a dolt with a penchant for boldness when it comes to said doltiness.

As a testament to this, Leaf was recently interviewed by a regional Fox outlet about the fact that he was once seen sharing the stage with one of the men who were announced this week as having been charged in connection with the planned kidnapping of Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer.

"Well, I haven't read everything up on it," Leaf said of Michael and William Null, who were among the suspects charged earlier this week. William, notably, was recently seen onstage with Leaf during a demonstration against Whitmer’s COVID-19 stay-at-home order. "I've got other duties to do," Leaf added. "It wasn't our investigation. So I was shocked. I did not see this coming with those guys. But still we can't convict 'em in the news media here. They have a right to a fair trial."

Asked if he regretted the aforementioned onstage appearance with William Null, Leaf confirmed that he did not while also offering up a bizarrely out-of-touch defense for both men. Also, Leaf indeed attempted to rationalize the attempted kidnapping of a governor.

"Well, it's just a charge," he said while exhibiting exactly zero intellect from his eyes. "And they say 'a plot to kidnap' and you gotta remember that, are they trying to kidnap? Because a lot of people are angry with the governor and they want her arrested. So, are they trying to arrest or is it a kidnap attempt? I have to look at it from that angle and I'm hoping that’s more what it is. In fact, these guys are innocent until proven guilty so I'm not even sure if they had any part in it."

In short, be weary of violence-enabling dumbness. This shit's a disease.