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A bill was introduced on Friday by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Maryland Congressman Jamie Raskin that would form the Commission on Presidential Capacity to Discharge the Powers and Duties of Office. 

During a press event, Pelosi spoke on the proposed commission’s connection with the 25th Amendment and how it could help make certain that "stability" was maintained during an instance in which a sitting POTUS was determined mentally or physically unfit for the job.

"This is not about President Trump," Pelosi said. "He will face the judgment of the voters. But he shows the need for us to create a process for future presidents. Throughout America's history, our leaders have created and strengthened guard rails in the Constitution to ensure stability and continuity of government in times of crisis."

The announcement was first teased on Thursday, at which point Axios and others quickly noted that the move amounts to a symbolic gesture due to the extremely low chance that the Republican-majority Senate will give the bill the time of day. Also worth pointing out is the fact that Raskin previously sponsored a bill with similarly stated goals way back in 2017

In a statement released Friday regarding the legislation that would establish the aforementioned commission, Raskin's team explained that the latest effort was indeed "modeled on" the previous 2017 bill. 

"The 25th Amendment was adopted 50 years ago, but Congress has never set up the body it calls for to determine presidential fitness in the event of physical or psychological incapacity," Raskin said Friday. "Now is the time to do it."

And while Pelosi said during Friday's presser that "this is not about President Trump," the messaging is clear in light of Trump's recent (publicity stunt-laden) COVID-19 diagnosis and ensuing return to downplaying the pandemic that's killed hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Unsurprisingly, Trump quickly became obsessed with Pelosi and Raskin's legislation on Twitter, ultimately referencing it multiple times on Thursday and Friday. On Friday night, Trump is scheduled to undergo what Fox News swears is "a medical evaluation and interview" during an appearance on Fucker Carlson's show, which is a totally normal thing to do.