Megan Clifford, a student at Southeast Missouri State, has garnered attention for her TikTok in which she played a voicemail from a couple trying to convince her to vote for Donald Trump. 

Clifford told Buzzfeed News she received a call on August 30 from a man who identified himself as Harold. He said he was calling around to see who everyone was voting for in the presidential election, and when Harold asked about her decision, she said Joe Biden. Harold rejected her choice, and called her a “domestic terrorist.” 

After rejecting two calls from an unknown ID, the third time came with a voicemail from a woman who appeared to be Harold’s wife. She shared the voicemail on TikTok because she wanted to get a laugh out of her friends, and received comments from people who accused the couple of “voter intimidation.” 

The woman in the message said she’s “going around the community for collectism” and noticed that everyone they have spoken to is voting for Trump. "You are the only one that has voted for Joe Biden. And I just think that's a little weird, don't you, honey?" she tells Clifford.

She also accuses Clifford of being a domestic terrorist. Harold even offers to vote on her behalf, saying, “If you feel threatened by the Chinese virus and the protesters and the rioters, you can actually let us go up there. We will check that mark for Biden for you.” 

Clifford said she previously signed up to receive text messages from the Trump campaign, but doesn't know how the couple got her phone number or whether they are affiliated with his campaign. 

"I wasn't necessarily scared or intimidated, but someone else likely could be and that's not OK," Clifford told BuzzFeed.

She also said she has contacted the ACLU, FCC, and the Office of the Kansas Secretary of State to report the couple.