A woman in Russia was just trying to catch up on her rest but a snake had other plans. 

Per TMZ, an unnamed woman from Dagestan was rushed to the local hospital after complaining about not feeling well. When she arrived, she told the doctors that a snake had crawled into her mouth while she was napping in her yard. 

Unluckily for us, the procedure was caught on camera. In the video, doctors are mortified as they pull a nearly 4-foot snake out of the woman's throat. Aside from the disturbing footage, reports can't confirm if the snake was alive or dead at the time of the extraction. It also can't be confirmed if the video is real. 

The procedure is said to have taken place at the Levashinsky district hospital, but the facility's chief doctor, Patimat Abdurashidova, claims that she was unaware of the incident. As a result, the Ministry of Health in the Republic of Dagestan announced that it would be investigating the video.

If you do want to watch the video, that is, if you have the stomach for it, we embedded it up top. If you'd rather spend your time reading great American literature or learning how to paint like some of the great French masters of Impressionism, well that would also be okay.