Following the criticism TikTok star Danielle Cohn has gotten for giving the impression her cover of Ashanti's "Foolish" was her song, her mom/manager have claimed they got permission from Ashanti's team before releasing the track.

Over the weekend, the 16-year-old uploaded a video of her dancing to her cover of the track, but the caption saw her call it "my new song." Fans came out in droves to criticize her, highlighting that many of her followers might not know it's a cover as she never credited Ashanti. Due to all the hate she got online for the situation, her mom, who is also her manager, has responded to the backlash.

In a statement to BuzzFeed News, Cohn's momager Jen Archambault said her daughter "made a mistake" when she called the track her song and not a cover in the TikTok's caption. "She is a teenager. ... She made a mistake on a TikTok," she said. "I think this is out of hand."

Archambault further defended her daughter on Instagram. "We got a license and went the right way and Ashanti and her team will get their royalties," she wrote. "I am sicken [sic] at the amount of crap these people on the internet put her through. She out here living her dream and to have adults and kids attack her this bad. ... It's sad cause most people would not have been able to handle what she been going through."

So far, Ashanti's team has yet to confirm whether or not the cover was cleared, but the credits for the song on streaming services still do not credit any of the songwriters who penned the original.