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A particularly hateful Karen was arrested after spewing racist slurs at a group of landscapers in Orlando, Florida.

The verbal attack was caught on video, but what makes this incident stand out from the rest is how the landscapers handled the situation with grace. While the footage doesn’t show what led to the outburst, it looks like the woman was mad about the noise the crew was making.

At first, she began screaming, “You fucking bitch” at the group of men, a countless number of times. One of the landscapers then looks at the camera and says, “This is the type of shit we go through, man,” with another one saying, “We didn’t even do nothing. We out here working—it’s 94 degrees.”

The woman, who is still standing at a distance, continues to scream, with one of the workers responding, “Have a blessed day, ma’am.” She then took it up a notch and began hurling the n-word at the men. 

The woman doesn’t let up as the crew begins to pack up their equipment. About two minutes into the video, another resident approaches the woman and asks her to calm down, which doesn’t alleviate the situation. “You just keep on repeating the same thing,” he says before backing off.

"I love you, God loves you," one of the landscapers says to her, even as she continues to fire insults at the crew. "You're going to pass out in the sun! You gotta go into your house!"

In a second video, the woman is seen being arrested by four policemen and yelling “Fuck you” over and over. She clearly doesn't know when to give up.