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One boy is closer to finding a family and home after he received thousands of adoption submissions. 

In July, 9-year-old Jordan told the Oklahoma City NBC affiliate that there is nothing he would want more than to be someone's son.

"To have a family, and family, family," Jordan said when asked his three wishes. "Those are the only wishes I have." 

The interview went viral and since then, his permanency planning worker claims that Jordan has received over 5,000 adoption submissions. 

"I’m in the process of reading through those profiles to select a family to try to move forward with," the OKDHS Permanency Planning worker who is working on Jordan's case, Christopher Marlowe, told the local Fox station

These adoption requests aren't limited to Oklahoma. Fox reports that people around the country were touched by Jordan's video and are ready to open their homes and adopt him. Jordan has had interests in the past, but Marlowe says that after doing disclosures they decided not to move forward. Jordan's biological brother, Braison, was adopted without him last year. Jordan explained during his plea that having a family would save him from the loneliness he feels. 

"The reason it’s important is so I could have some people to talk to any time I need to," Jordan continued. "I hope one of y’all pick me. ... I would just like to have a family to call mom and dad, or just mom, or just dad. I don’t really care."

With this influx of submissions, Marlowe is confident that Jordan will be able to find a loving and caring home. "I’m really excited about this and very hopeful this is going to be the breakthrough we needed to find this kid a home," Marlowe said.