Kanye West, whose recent discussion with Forbes included troubling comments of the anti-vaxxer and pro-life variety, has also now mentioned someone named Michelle Tidball as a purported running mate for his equally purported campaign for the White House.

Though the act of doing so brings nothing essential to the conversation surrounding 2020, nor does it consist of anything that actually matters to anyone during a goddamn pandemic, this Tidball mention has—because the U.S. never learns from its mistakes—spawned a flurry of Who Is and Everything You Need to Know pieces including the very article you may be about to stop reading due to your bullshit tolerance level having been swiftly surpassed.

Not too much is known about Tidball, though a reluctant Googling reveals she is a self-described "biblical life coach." She also runs a site named Yarash, which is a reference to the Hebrew word. On the site, Tidball cites Romans 8:19 from the Holy Bible. In short, Romans 8:19 purports that a higher power is awaiting the day when said higher power's true "children" are revealed.

Image via Yarash/Michelle Tidball

For the "suggested donation" price of $65 for a 50-minute session, Tidball will provide one-on-one "biblical life coaching" that is said to focus on the biblical life coach in question telling you "where you ought to be" in your life. In other words, maybe just hold on to your 65 bucks.

Forbes adds that Tidball also runs a bible study program under the name Abundant Ministries. She previously held an executive director title at Bright Futures Mentoring Program in Cody, Wyoming. 

Tidball claims in her bio page to have encountered a higher power "in a hospital tent" as a child. Her aim is to provide "counsel" on how to walk as what she describes as "mature adopted sons" who have been "manifested upon" our planet.

At the time of this writing, Tidball had not responded to Complex's request for comment, which begs the question: Does it also cost $65 for a "biblical life coach" to respond to an email?