Every day we’re reminded that Satan never sleeps. Plague? Check. Economic collapse? You bet. Hot Dog Rice Krispies Treats? Lord, take me right now! 

As Nerdist points out, the cursed recipe comes from The Vulgar Chef, and has since gone viral as people collectively dry-heave on Twitter. And rightfully so, LOOK at this monstrosity: 

The Hot Dog Rice Krispies Treats recipe is disgustingly simple. Mix cooked hot dogs into your typical Rice Krispies recipe, and top the unholy snacks with relish, mustard, and ketchup. The most pressing question is not how, but why? No one wants this? Even during these divisive times, people quickly came together to call the abomination out for what it is. 

It truly is the end of times. Can y'all just stick to smoking watermelons or turning everything into cake? Thanks. 

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