As patriots grill hot dogs and chug Natty Light in the comfort of their homes, some are side-stepping national pride in favor of countering the Fourth of July holiday with the hashtag #AllCountriesMatter. 

Unlike the fancams that K-Pop stans use to overwhelm hashtags like #AllLivesMatter and #BlueLivesMatter, which are widely recognized as counter-protests against the Black Lives Matter movement, this trend aims to clog feeds with gorgeous photos from around the globe. 




While several people share literature and historic remnants that break down the many valid reasons to criticize the holiday, including slavery, genocide, and the continued incarceration of people of color, the #AllCountriesMatter hashtag takes on a more scenic approach. The hashtag showcases the beauty and culture of countless countries, some real and some very fictional, taking the spotlight away from America's lady liberty during a historically complicated holiday celebrating national “freedom.”


The hashtag follows Donald Trump’s Fourth of July celebration on Friday in South Dakota, where protestors blocked the highway as Trump made his way to Mount Rushmore for the event.