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As a confounding number of Americans continue to behave as if COVID-19 isn't real, the country has now broken its own record of daily cases.

The U.S. bagged a record number of new coronavirus cases in a single day—45,557—on Wednesday, per an NBC News tally of new diagnoses. This tops the previous record for highest daily count in the U.S. from back in late April by more than 9,000.

The Trump administration's handling of the virus, which has largely consisted of downplaying it and/or ignoring it altogether, was seen earlier this week to have played a major role in unflattering poll numbers for the arena-challenged POTUS. A recent New York Times x Sienna College poll, for example, gives the current estimated advantage to Joe Biden by 14 points.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, a leading voice of reason on the virus and a frequent target of mindless Trump ire, recently warned that—despite the narrative being pushed by the White House—the nation is currently seeing a "disturbing surge" of infections. The coming weeks, he added, are "critical" in terms of tackling the surges present in Florida, Texas, and elsewhere. He also cautioned that those states, mentioned in a number of headlines recently due to high numbers, are "not the one ones" facing problems.

Wear masks, you fucking idiots.