Saniniu Laizer entered millionaire status last week after discovering some very rare and very big gemstones in Tanzania.

According to the BBC, the country paid the small-scale miner about $3.4 million for two Tanzanite stones, which had a combined weight of 33 pounds. The dark violet-blue gemstones are only found in northern Tanzania and have become one of the rarest gemstones in the world: "... One local geologist estimates its supply may be entirely depleted within the next 20 years," the outlet reported.

So, what does Laizer plan on doing with his new money? Surprisingly, he plans to maintain his lifestyle in his town, where he raises thousands of cows.

"There is enough security [here]," he said when asked if he will take extra precautions to protect his money. "There won't be any problem. I can even walk around at night without any problem."

Laizer said he wanted to put some of his money into his community by building a school and a shopping mall near his home.

"There are many poor people around here who can't afford to take their children to school," said the father of 30-plus children. "I am not educated but I like things run in a professional way. So I would like my children to run the business professionally."