An angry ill-hatted woman who went viral earlier this week for a racist rant in Torrance, California has now appeared in another video spouting similarly MAGA-y nonsense.

The newly surfaced clip, which KTLA notes is believed to have also been taken at Wilson Park, begins with a man asking the woman—who has earned a number of nicknames including "Staircase Karen"—if she just made a "racist comment" toward him and his 11-year-old son.

"You need to go home," the unidentified woman, let's again just call her "Staircase Karen," says in the new video. "I don't care about your Facebook or your video. Do you know how many people can't stand you being here? You play games. We don't play games. I play games where you get fucked to death."

At one point, Staircase Karen threatens to call the police, though it's clear there is no actual reason to do so aside from her own behavior. She also hurls racist comments at the person filming the footage, including "You understand me, Chinaman?"

The encounter appears to be inspired by parking space distance, with Staircase Karen telling the man to move his car. Footage, however, shows that Staircase Karen's vehicle is actually over the line due to a shitty parking job.

"This is from your government," she says. "Go home. This is from my government. Go home. You are getting fucked. You are so fucked. You're gonna get fucked. Your kids are gonna get fucked. This is my country and this is from my government. Go home. Put that on your Facebook."

Per the KTLA report, Staircase Karen is not only the same woman from the viral video earlier this week, but she's also believed to be the same woman at the center of a public restroom incident in October 2019. 

The Torrance Police Department is said to be aware of all of this and, per TMZ, are conducting an investigation.