Authorities in New York say they're looking for a group of individuals who broke into a Toyota facility in the Bronx, and made off with 22 cars. NBC New York reports that four suspects broke locks and doors to get into the Toyota Vehicle Storage Facility in the Bronx around 1 a.m. on Wednesday. In surveillance images released by police, the men could be seen walking between rows of cars before opening the doors to step inside. 

The New York Daily News reports it is suspected that four men were behind the robbery. The four individuals spotted on surveillance footage were dressed in mostly black with surgical masks on, making it difficult to identify them based on the security images alone. It's unclear how long it took the men to steal the cars, but they were allegedly in no rush to make off with the almost two dozen vehicles, which included sedans and SUVs. The robbery took place on Jerome Ave. by Van Cortlandt Ave. in Kingsbridge Heights at around 12:45 a.m. local time, police claim.

While there's very little leads to go on right now, police have urged citizens to contact Crime Stoppers if they have any information. The theft has no link to the ongoing protests against police brutality across the nation. Authorities continue to look for the suspects, although it's possible than more than the men spotted on camera were involved.