Just last month, Florida attorney Daniel Uhlfelder announced his plans to tour Florida beaches as the Grim Reaper. Part of his plan is to help encourage social distancing, while another part is to protest the reopening of the beaches, which he believes is premature. Initially he was to walk around just Walton County's beaches, but he gained enough support that he decided to expand his plans.

"It's been crazy," Uhlfelder explained to Pensacola News Journal. "I've had AP call, and People magazine. A lot of people. A local TV station is going to be with me all day."

In a press release, he stressed that there was "no rational reason to open our beaches," fearing that the premature easing of social distancing measures to prolong the coronavirus pandemic. "If by dressing up as the 'Grim Reaper' and walking our beaches I can make people think and potentially help save a life...that is the right thing to do."

Thankfully, a local news team already interviewed Uhlfelder while he made the first stop on his tour. Equipped with a plastic scythe and a microphone, he said it's "not appropriate" for the beaches to be open so soon. He later hung around behind the local news reporter menacingly in a moment too perfect not to go viral.

In fact, his interview on ABC 13 has already garnered attention on Twitter, and he's started to share photos of his tour. 

Uhlfelder also launched a website where people can help contribute to his tour.