A North Carolina man has been charged for vandalizing a nearly 100-year-old stained glass window in a local church.

Jesus Jose Arellano was arrested for using a foot-long sandstone rock to destroy the Tiffany glass window at Grace Moravian Church, TMZ reports. The man smashed a two-square-foot hole in the 30-foot window, which dates back to 1925. That was the same year the church was established in Mount Airy, North Carolina.

According to the police, Arellano confessed in a nearby cemetery a day later. He was subsequently charged with injury to real property.

Cops say that the window wasn’t exactly accessible. Arellano first had to break through six inches of plexiglass before he could break the stained glass window. The incident took place around 11 p.m. on Monday.

The church pastor, Neil Ruth, told WXII he found the incident odd, especially because the church represents kindness. He also said that the vandalism has upset the congregation, who is also worried about Arellano. It’s unclear if anything was stolen from the church or what Arellano’s intention was.

Last month, reports surfaced that a pug in North Carolina may be the first dog to test positive for COVID-19. The dog’s owners participated in a study at Duke University after showing symptoms, which is where the dog was tested. Researchers discovered that the mother, father, and son had caught the disease, while the daughter hadn’t.

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