Emergency kit brand JUDY has launched a new Tiger King-inspired kit, and they even got John Finlay from the docuseries to provide voiceover for the commercial. The new "Tiger Safe" kit, which can be seen in the promo above, is similar to the usual emergency kits but with signature tiger stripes to set it apart.

A different take on JUDY's existing kit "The Safe," the "Tiger Safe" features emergency essentials curated by "top survival experts." It was designed to help equip households with useful items in the event of an an emergency scenario, whether that be natural disasters or otherwise. To coincide with the launch of the new kit, JUDY announced it will donate all proceeds from "Tiger Safe" sales to support America's Food Fund, an initiative that was launched by Leonardo DiCaprio and Laurene Powell Jobs to help provide food to those in need. 

"At JUDY, we know that emergency preparedness is so important that we'll do anything for you to pay attention and prepare your family," said JUDY co-founder and CEO Simon Huck. "At a critical time when 60 percent of American households have no emergency plan in place, we hope to change that statistic one family at a time."

John Finlay, who collaborated with JUDY for the launch of the "Tiger Safe," added, "Tigers aren't the only thing that need our attention. More than ever it's important to be prepared for emergencies, and to give back to people in need." Watch the commercial above, and get ahold of the "Tiger Safe" here.