Florida is one of the states that is starting to reopen businesses despite the coronavirus pandemic. Yet, it seems like state officials aren't moving fast enough for some residents. 

According to the local NBC-affiliate, Florida started phase one of reopening the state last week. But, Florida gyms won't be allowed to reopen until phase two of the plan begins. This riled up some citizens in Clearwater who decided to protest this order by gathering outside the Pinellas County courthouse on Monday. 

The group of 20-30 protesters stood in front of the building waving signs that urged the county/state to reopen the gyms. They even started doing calisthenics on the sidewalk to emphasize their point. 

Currently, Florida has not set a start date for phase two. Per a state release, phase two will begin "once the governor determines it is suitable to continue reopening and after fully considering medical data in consultation with state health officials." Gyms will be allowed to open once this phase starts, but they will have to stay at 75 percent capacity. Also, they will be subjected to following strict sanitation guidelines. 

Along with opening the gyms, phase two will allow non-essential travel and for restaurants to reopen. Florida is also considering reopening its multiple theme parks under rigorous sanitation regulations and capacity limits.  

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