Ahmaud Arbery’s family attorney says they want William Bryan, the man who recorded the incident, to be punished for his involvement in Arbery’s tragic death.

"We are going to continue to push for the arrest of William Bryan for recording and participating in the ambush of Ahmaud Arbery," one of the Arbery’s attorneys, S. Lee Merritt, told CNN. However, Bryan’s attorney has maintained that he wasn’t part of the shooting.

Merritt’s comments arrived after Bryan’s attorney, Kevin Gough, said that his client had passed a polygraph test, which he took voluntarily. Gough said that the test verifies that Bryan wasn’t involved in Arbery’s shooting and didn’t speak to the shooters, Gregory and Travis McMichael before the incident. Gough added that the test results were given to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, who is investigating Arbery’s death.

Bryan has reportedly been targeted since his identity was revealed to the public, with many asking for his arrest. Gough has said that Bryan and his fiancée are afraid for their lives, and not able to go home to their own beds.

"Mr. Bryan is not your enemy," Gough said. "Please stop, if not for the sake of my client's family, then for the sake of the Arbery family and the cause you fight for." He continued, "Killing off the star witness for the prosecution will not help bring Ahmaud's killers to justice."

On Feb. 23, Bryan was doing some yard work when he saw someone being followed by a car from the neighborhood. He began recording the incident, and even got into his own car to follow Arbery while he was being chased by the McMichaels. The video didn’t surface until two months after Arbery’s death, which led to the arrest of the father and son. They were later charged with aggravated assault and murder.

"His family deserves justice from not only the two men who have been arrested, but from anyone who participated in that act," Merritt told CNN.

"The evidence says that he went from his home, according to his attorney, and minutes later he was in his truck following Ahmaud Arbery, who was a jogger in his neighborhood, around. He recorded Ahmaud," Merritt added. "The evidence indicates that he blocked Ahmaud with his truck and allowed two other men to ambush and kill him."

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