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The world has been reminded of Facebook's abject lameness thanks to a timely Elon Musk tweet.

Over the weekend, the SpaceX founder offered his assessment via a reply to a tweet shared earlier this month by Who Is America? star and creator Sacha Baron Cohen in which Facebook boss Mark Fuckersplurge was mocked as an emperor-like figure in the social media wars.

Musk replied by giving a boost to the #DeleteFacebook hashtag and declaring, with exciting accuracy, "It's lame." 

Of course, Musk long ago made his opinions on Facebook well-known by removing the official Tesla and SpaceX pages from the increasingly shitty platform. That move, per CNN, arrived in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica election scandal.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Facebook had agreed to pay a $550 million privacy-related settlement in Illinois. The suit in question alleged that the site had broken the state’s Biometric Information Privacy Act.

Musk, meanwhile, recently made headlines for asserting that working at Tesla does not necessarily require a high school diploma.